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1955 DIRECTOR: Alfred Hitchcock Alfred Hitchcock's attempt at comedy; Blackest of black, certainly for the time in which this was shot, The Trouble With Harry is that like the majority of comedy vehicles, its shelf life was inevitably limited. The film's most notable boast is that it introduced Shirley MacLaine to the big screen in her… Continue reading THE TROUBLE WITH HARRY (1955) – REVIEW

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"Are we back?" "We're back" replied Doc Brown, but he was referring to 1985 after Marty and Doc's trip to October 2015, but this month saw US arrive on that "future" date, a date that has now slipped peacefully into the past. The buzz surrounding this fictional interpretation of the future has been as fascinating… Continue reading FILM OF THE MONTH ~ OCTOBER 2015

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A young man made his way through the crowd which had assembled outside the single Pictureville screen, the only Cinerama screen left in the England, carrying a large 35mm spool, giving us a taste of what we where in for that night. The film which was about to be presented was an original three-strip Cinerama… Continue reading WIDESCREEN WEEKEND 2015 @ BRADFORD ~ REVIEW

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The FOTM for September is none other than Val Guest's British sci-fi classic, The Day The Earth Caught Fire (1961). This was covered in detail this month with a week dedicated to reviews from the latest BFI Blu-ray edition, which also included three nuclear themed documentaries from 1950's/60's. This ran here on nEoFILM between 14th -… Continue reading FILM OF THE MONTH ~ SEPTEMBER 2015

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1950 DIRECTORS: Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson & Hamilton Luske May contain spoilers! This classic animation, as with many of the golden age Disney pictures, have become more iconic than critically acclaimed. The animation style is good, though not at the heights of Disney's greatest works, with many short cuts used throughout and story is so simple that it manages to… Continue reading CINDERELLA (1950)

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1956 DIRECTOR: David Villiers This 22 minute short subject was an information film trying to put into context the dangers and the attitudes needed to survive a nuclear attack in Great Britain, just a year after the Warsaw Pact was signed and the A-Bomb was giving way to the much more powerful Hydrogen, or H-Bomb.… Continue reading THE H-BOMB (SHORT)

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This is the one that stuck! Just a few days shy of a year after the release of the phenomenally successful This Is Cinerama at the end of September 1952, The Robe (1953) ushered in the simpler and more palatable widescreen format, Cinema-scope and one which quickly evolved to become one of the industry standards. Even… Continue reading CINEMA-SCOPE @ 62

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1952 DIRECTOR: Ronald Stark Operation Hurricane is a short subject chronicling in detail, the efforts made during the early days of the cold war and more importantly, the beginnings of the Nuclear Arms Race, as Great Britain test their first A-bomb in the Indian Ocean. This was it, the Atomic bomb test by Britain as it entered the burgeoning… Continue reading OPERATION HURRICANE (SHORT)

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1954 DIRECTORS: John Halas & Joy Batchelor May contain spoilers! "All animals are equal though some animals are more equal than others" Louis de Rochemont, a producer I first became aware of with his 1958 Cinemiricle film Windjammer: The Voyage Of The Christian Radich, was given the task of producing this, the fist theatrical adaptation of George Orwell's communist… Continue reading ANIMAL FARM (1954)