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...and the films which I have seen this week are... This week was a very light week for me, the sun shining, the World Cup and Wimbledon taking me away from the big screen, but here are the 2 film which I can honestly say that I sat down to watch properly... BLACK PANTHER (2017)… Continue reading QUICK REVIEWS – WEEK ENDING 7/7/18

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2015 DIRECTOR: Peyton Reed CINEMA REVIEW May Contain Spoilers! Will we be adding this to our collection? YES Ant-Man marks the end of Marvel's Cinematic Universe's Phase 2, a conclusion which was expected to be Avengers: Age Of Ultron, but as the universe is growing in leaps and bounds, this latest addition simply demonstrates the… Continue reading ANT-MAN (3D)

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THEATRICAL VERSION - 1978 EXTENDED VERSION - 1978/2000 DIRECTOR: Richard Donner May Contain Spoilers! It's been 35 years to the day that Superman: The Movie was premiered in the U.S. and it was released here in the U.K.  four days later. Mario Puzo had already established himself as a Hollywood big-shot in screen-writing terms with his… Continue reading SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE @ 35

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2005 THEATRICAL VERSION RECUT VERSION DIRECTORS: Robert Rodriguez, Frank Miller & Quentin Tarantino May Contain Spoilers! Sin City was not on my 2005 watch list and it wasn't until two years later that I watched it and was blown away. The style, the noir tone and the episodic pacing just worked for me. It looked… Continue reading SIN CITY

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X-MEN (600th REVIEW!)

2000 DIRECTOR: Bryan Singer 600th REVIEW! May Contain Spoilers! Following the success of Blade (1998), which is often overlooked as the beginning of the comic book and particularly the Marvel revival of the 2000's, Bryan Singer took a stab at one of their most popular and creatively lucrative properties, X-Men. This also came at the… Continue reading X-MEN (600th REVIEW!)

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2003 - Theatrical Version 2003/2004 - Extended Version DIRECTOR: Mark Steven Johnson May Contain Spoilers! 2003 was a year in which Marvel was coming into its own, or so it thought. This year saw Ang Lee's Hulk, Bryan Singer's X2 and Mark Steven Johnson's Daredevil, as fans waited with bated breath for the sequel to 2002 Marvel smash, Spider-man.… Continue reading DAREDEVIL

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2013 DIRECTOR: Zack Snyder Contains MAJOR Spoilers! CINEMA REVIEW Will we be adding this to our collection? YES The wait is over. After seven years, the second Superman reboot is here. Like it or not and I did, Superman Returns (2006) failed to ignite the box office of 2006 as DC's revolution against the rise of… Continue reading MAN OF STEEL (3D)

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2006 DIRECTOR: Bryan Singer May Contain Spoilers! The return of Superman in 2006 was met with mixed reviews. 2005 had seen Batman Begin(s) his rise to the top of the DC Comic genre, and in my opinion, the top of the comic book adaptation genre full stop. The idea of finally getting Superman back on the… Continue reading SUPERMAN RETURNS

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1987 DIRECTOR: Sidney J. Furie May Contain Spoilers! Was Superman IV the Batman & Robin (1998) of the Superman franchise? Absolutely not! Was Superman IV a franchise killer? Afraid so, but what it isn't is a terrible movie, as many would claim. In 1978, Richard Donner brought us a comic book movie which blended comic book extravagance with… Continue reading SUPERMAN IV: THE QUEST FOR PEACE

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(1980) 2006 DIRECTORS: Richard Donner & Richard Lester May Contain Spoilers! Controversy! As the story goes, Richard Donner was hired to direct Superman: The Movie (1978) and it's back to back sequel, Superman II. Mario Puzo, author of The Godfather (1972) penned the mammoth script which was broken up into two films, but Donner's relationship… Continue reading SUPERMAN II (THE RICHARD DONNER CUT)