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Somewhat misleading image, which is Not from the film... 2017 DIRECTOR: Steven Spielberg 75/100 The gentle pacing of this look at the release of not only the Pentagon Papers, but the reaffirment of press freedom in the United States under Nixon's dubious leadership, is typical of what we have come to expect from Steven Spielberg… Continue reading THE POST (2017) – REVIEW

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After watching this video from the rather dubious movie rating site Rotten Tomatoes, a site who's impartiality has been called in to question in recent years, I felt the need to compose a short response... https://youtu.be/FzNZS7-Hsdc "It's a tough one. Whilst would I concur with his choices generally, I also agree that the Prequel's crowd… Continue reading STAR WARS: PREQUELS Vs SEQUELS…

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2019 DIRECTOR: Steven Knight 50/100 This! From the man who brought us British television hit Peaky Blinders! This! A mediocre film noir which is almost saved by a bizzare yet intriguing left turn twist half way through, which up until this point, was an unremarkable chiche-fest about fish... The fact that the twist kind if… Continue reading SERENITY (2019) – QUICK REVIEW

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2019 DIRECTOR: Lucasz Kosmicki 29/100 Netflix may have had unprecedented success at this this year's award season, but films like this certainly are not the way forward... Contrived? This is the best word to describe this so called Cold War thiller. At face value it is an intriguing concept. Whist East and West are embroiled… Continue reading THE COLDEST GAME (2019) – REVIEW

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1930 DIRECTORS: Raoul Walsh &  Louis R. Loeffler "The Indians are my friends..." Breck Coleman - John Wayne Not exactly a statement that would exemplify the Career of a man rightly or wrongly associated as being the Cowboy of the Cowboy and Indian movies. But there is no doubt that John Wayne was certainly one… Continue reading THE BIG TRAIL (FOX GRANDEUR) (1930) – REVIEW

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1955 DIRECTOR: Alfred Hitchcock Alfred Hitchcock's attempt at comedy; Blackest of black, certainly for the time in which this was shot, The Trouble With Harry is that like the majority of comedy vehicles, its shelf life was inevitably limited. The film's most notable boast is that it introduced Shirley MacLaine to the big screen in her… Continue reading THE TROUBLE WITH HARRY (1955) – REVIEW

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2016 DIRECTOR: Roland Emmerich Twenty years have past since the alien invaders destroyed The White House and one of cinema's most outstanding and timeless special effects was premiered to the world. Two decades have also passed since we, the cinema going public, were exposed to Roland Emmerich's disaster movie meets alien invasion masterpiece. And for… Continue reading INDEPENDENCE DAY: RESURGENCE (3D)

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2014 DIRECTOR: Alejandro G. Iñárrit May contain spoilers! Taking the awards season by storm in 2014/2015, Birdman is a film which is launching an unremitting assault on modern cinema, as well as the cult of celebrity. It all begin with the casting of Michael Keaton, who let us face it, has not really reached the potential… Continue reading BIRDMAN OR (THE UNEXPECTED VIRTUE OF IGNORANCE)