2014 DIRECTOR: Clint Eastwood May contain spoilers! Clint Eastwood is a strange one for me. His popularity as a director is strong, seemingly with older film fans, those who grew with him from his early acting roles in TV series such as Rawhide, to his legendary Spaghetti Western era, his mainstream movies such as Dirty Harry (1971), … Continue reading AMERICAN SNIPER


The FOTM for September is none other than Val Guest's British sci-fi classic, The Day The Earth Caught Fire (1961). This was covered in detail this month with a week dedicated to reviews from the latest BFI Blu-ray edition, which also included three nuclear themed documentaries from 1950's/60's. This ran here on nEoFILM between 14th - … Continue reading FILM OF THE MONTH ~ SEPTEMBER 2015


2012 DIRECTOR: Anthony Hemingway May Contain Spoilers! What can I say. George Lucas, just prior to selling Lucasfilm to Disney in 2013 used the true story of the Tuskegee Airmen to contrive a bunch of Star Wars style dogfight sequences, a mirror of his dogfight inspired scenes from Star Wars in 1977. That is what I … Continue reading RED TAILS


1998 DIRECTOR: Steven Spielberg Today marks the 70th anniversary of Victory In Europe or V.E. Day. In honour of this event, I have chosen to repost this review from 2011. Saving Private Ryan is without a doubt one of the best war films ever made and set on and around the D-Day Landing, chronicles the … Continue reading SAVING PRIVATE RYAN (V.E. DAY @ 70)


2014 DIRECTOR: Ridley Scott May Contain Spoilers! CINEMA REVIEW Will we be adding this to our collection? YES With poor reviews and the fact that I already had my doubts about this project, my expectations were decidedly low about Ridley Scott's interpretation of the biblical epic of Moses and the Israelite Exodus. But the reviews … Continue reading EXODUS: GODS AND KINGS


1964 DIRECTOR: Cy Endfield May Contain Spoilers! Zulu: One of the greatest war films of all time. Period: Following the true story, with reasonable accuracy, of a small contingent of British soldiers based at a Swedish mission in the heart of Zulu territory during 1879, Zulu one of the purest demonstrations of British grace under … Continue reading ZULU