1970's, 5 Candles, Drama, Epic, Historical, Romance


1979 ORIGINAL UNCUT VERSION DIRECTORS: Tinto Brass (Principle) & Bob Guccione & Glo Luiiancar (Additional Footage) May contain spoilers! I was left literally speechless after watching this. What is it? Is it a porn film? Is it a period drama? Is it an art house extravaganza? Well, for certain, it is the one of the most obscene… Continue reading CALIGULA (1979) – REVIEW

1900's, 5 Candles, Fantasy, silent


1903 DIRECTOR: Percy Stow & Cecil Hepworth FIRST EVER FILM VERSION OF ALICE IN WONDERLAND Painstakingly restored by the BFI (British Film Institute) from a severely damaged print, this is still in poor condition, but for the those interested in taking a look at a small piece of movie history, this is still quite watchable. But there is… Continue reading ALICE IN WONDERLAND (1903) – REVIEW

1970's, 5 Candles, Action, Drama


1974 DIRECTOR: Michael Winner May contain spoilers! The film that Charles Bronson is probably best known for, Death Wish is an undisputed classic from the 1970's. Spawning three sequels, we follow mild-mannered middle-class architect, Paul Kersey (Bronson) as he turns into a vigilante after the rape of his daughter (Kathleen Tolan) and the murder of… Continue reading DEATH WISH

1970's, 5 Candles, Science Fiction, Walt Disney


1979 DIRECTOR: Gary Nelson May contain spoilers! I want to say that the effects where good for the time. I want to say the acting was acceptable. I want to say that the screenplay was more than a mediocre sci-fi script and that Anthony Perkins was not horribly miscast in this post Star Wars Disney movie.… Continue reading THE BLACK HOLE

2010's, 5 Candles, Action, Adventure, Science Fiction, Star Trek


2015 DIRECTOR: Tim Russ May contain spoilers! Some where between home made videos of wild antics, raw news footage and movie trailers is the ever growing culture of web shows and movies. Many of them are great, short but professionally produced, unregulated media which have fans across the spectrum but it is also giving rise… Continue reading STAR TREK: RENEGADES (WEB TV MOVIE)

2010's, 5 Candles, Science Fiction


2013 DIRECTOR: Gavin Hood May Contain Spoilers! Gavin Hood! Not satisfied with ruining Wolverine's first solo outing (X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009), He's back again, this time with something which was miss-marketed as Harry Potter in space. Well, luckily, the miss marketing issue was resolved early on and this is not Harry Potter. This is not a kids film at all,… Continue reading ENDER’S GAME

2010's, 5 Candles, Drama, Romance


2013 DIRECTOR: Liz W. Garcia NOT A PART OF OUR COLLECTION May Contain Spoilers! Will we be adding this to our collection? NO Well, if you like watching an R rated film, which thinks that it is giving and insight in to the life of a twenty-something who can not accept her grown up life, told… Continue reading THE LIFEGUARD

2010's, 3D, 5 Candles


2014 DIRECTOR: Wally Pfister NOT A PART OF OUR COLLECTION May Contain Spoilers! Will we be adding this to our collection? NO Wally Pfister has made his mark in Hollywood with his long collaboration with director Christopher Nolan, one which came to an end after The Dark Knight Rises (2012). Pfister was the Cinematographer who helped to create so much… Continue reading TRANSCENDENCE (3D)