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MIRROR MIRROR (2012) – Review

2012 DIRECTOR: Tarzem Singh 70/100 I finally got around to watching this 2012 Snow White adaptation after 8 years an was pleasantly surprised. I missed it at the time, put off by what appeared to be a kids movie, favouring the mediocre Snow White and the Huntsman, in the Cinema instead. I misjudged both films… Continue reading MIRROR MIRROR (2012) – Review

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  1973 DIRECTOR: Robin Hardy "Come. It is time to keep your appointment with the Wicker Man." Though we never even lay eyes on it until the final few moments of the film, the Wicker Man, both as pagan image and classic horror flick, has become an icon of the genre. But if you are… Continue reading THE WICKER MAN (1973) – REVIEW

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...and the films which I have seen this week are... This week was a very light week for me, the sun shining, the World Cup and Wimbledon taking me away from the big screen, but here are the 2 film which I can honestly say that I sat down to watch properly... BLACK PANTHER (2017)… Continue reading QUICK REVIEWS – WEEK ENDING 7/7/18

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1926 DIRECTOR: Albert Parker Two Tone Technicolor in all its glory! This is it. The first widely distributed Technicolor movie back before we even had sound. This was hardly the first foray into colour, in fact colour almost goes as far back as film itself, as does sound, but it was not until the mid-1920's… Continue reading THE BLACK PIRATE (1926) – REVIEW

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1930 DIRECTORS: Raoul Walsh &  Louis R. Loeffler "The Indians are my friends..." Breck Coleman - John Wayne Not exactly a statement that would exemplify the Career of a man rightly or wrongly associated as being the Cowboy of the Cowboy and Indian movies. But there is no doubt that John Wayne was certainly one… Continue reading THE BIG TRAIL (FOX GRANDEUR) (1930) – REVIEW

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1969 DIRECTOR: Richard C. Sarafian May contain spoilers! Based on the novel by David Rook, John Mills stars as a Moorman on Darmoor, who befriends a twelve year old boy, who has been mute since he was three years old. He attempts to relate to the boy through the nature of the moor, as young Philip,… Continue reading RUN WILD, RUN FREE

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2008 DIRECTOR: Dave Filoni May contain spoilers! Coming just three years after Episode III (2005), yet set between Episodes II (2002) and III, The Clone Wars (2008) serves a feature length pilot for what would become the successful Cartoon Network series of the same name. But this would in fact be the second series to bear the… Continue reading STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS

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2014 DIRECTOR: David Fincher CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS! David Fincher is one of my top directors and his latest Oscar nominated hit, Gone Girl certainly maintains his style. But what of the substance? Based on the bestseller of the same name this is more in the vain of Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2008), rather than his… Continue reading GONE GIRL

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If we were to walk into a theatre today and watch a film in which the widescreen image was clearly separated in to thirds, with each third looking different from its neighbour, jumping around and not even marrying up with it, I think that we would be right out the door demanding a refund before… Continue reading HOW THE WEST WAS WON 3-STRIP REVIEW (CINERAMA)

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1976 DIRECTOR: Martin Scorsese May contain Spoilers! This is a bit of tough one. Almost four decades on from Taxi Driver's initial release, we are looking at a film which was no doubt a ground-breaking achievement back in 1976. The tone is adolescent Scorsese, still on his way towards perfecting his now iconic style of… Continue reading TAXI DRIVER (1976) – REVIEW