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2015 DIRECTOR: Neill Blomkamp 75/100 Robocop meets Short Circuit, Chappie is Neill Blomkamp's follow up to District 9 (2010) and Elysium (2012). Both of which have starred Sharlto Copley. Here, he voices Chappie, a defunct police robot which has been programmed with a new A.I. system. But soon, falls into the hands of some punk-ass… Continue reading CHAPPiE (2015) – REVIEW

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1977 DIRECTOR: Ridley Scott 60/100 Recounting either the anecdotal or true story of two French army officer's 16 year series of duels during the Napoleonic Wars (Spanning 1800 - 1816), Ridley Scott's first real feature film left me wanting. Wanting for drama for a start. Following a duel in which Harvey Keitel's, Feraud was victorious,… Continue reading THE DUELLISTS (1977) – REVIEW

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1943 DIRECTOR: Norm McCabe 80/100 Where to start with this one??? Well, first off we must all agree that this is clearly racist, derogatory, defamatory and just damn right ignorant of the Japanese culture to such an extent that even South Park would probably struggle to put this out. Also, whilst this is NOT one… Continue reading ‘NOT QUITE BANNED’ LOONEY TUNES: “TOKIO JOKIO” (1943) – REVIEW



1932 DIRECTOR: Norman McLeod  "I married your mother because I wanted children. Imagine my disappointment when you arrived." The penultimate Marx Brothers film as their time with Paramount was drawing to a close, Horse Feathers was possible one the their most anarchic entries. The paper thin plot revolving around building a football team at the… Continue reading HORSE FEATHERS (MARX BROTHERS) (1932) – REVIEW