The following is a list of films which I have recently watched and have yet to review. My system is only to review films which I have seen recently, as to ensure a fresh eye, rather than just randomly selecting films to review. If I did this, I would no doubt select films that I loved, which would be boring, or those I hated, which would be equally as negative. This way, all films get a fair chance, and films are reviewed when I get a chance. I have still rated them as I view them and have given them a one line review pending a longer and hopefully more interesting one in the near future.


  1. IRON MAN 3 (2D) 2013 8/10
  2. LONE SURVIVOR 2014 5/10
  3. GRAVITY (3D) 2013 8/10
  5. THE LEGO MOVIE (2D) 2014 8/10
  7. DRIVE 2011 9/10 
  8. CINERAMA HOLIDAY 1954 7/10
  9. KING KONG 1976 5/10
  11. THUNDERBIRDS 2004 3/10
  14. THE OMEN 2006 5/10
  15. AIRPLANE! 1980 10/10
  16. NEVER LET ME GO 2011 5/10
  17. SANCTUM (2D) 2010 6/10
  19. MYSTIC PIZZA 1988 4/10 “Pretty mundane drama, with an early and particularly irritaing performance from Julia Roberts.”
  20. RIDING IN CARS WITH BOYS 2001 5/10 “Not a particularlty insightful drama about a bad teen mother. A true story”
  21. PRIDE AND PREJUDICE 2005 6/10 “A pace but ultimately dull. version of Jane Austin’s classic. The 1990’s BBC version is still the best” 
  22. BECAUSE I SAID SO 2007 4/10 “Mandy Moore at her best, or certainly less rubbish than normal in this average rom-com”
  23. GIRL, INTERRUPTED 1999 7/10 “Gentle biographical film”
  24. WALK HARD: THE DEWEY COX STORY, 2007, 6/10 “Decent enough rock n roll pastiche. Not Spinal Tap though”
  25. BRING IT ON AGAIN, 2004, 4/10 “Formulaic high school dance flick”
  26. BRING IT ON, 2000, 5/10 “Simple High School dance film”
  27. CASANOVA, 2003, 4/10 “Not really a fan on this period or comedy of errors so there was little for me here”
  28. THE LOST BOYS, 1986, 6/10 “Not really much going on here”
  29. EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH, 5/10 “Standard and wasted romcom, further damaged by poor casting, Jessica Simpson, anyone?”
  30. STAR WARS: THE COMPLETE SAGA (Blu-ray) 8/10 “A beautiful HD remastering. Just a pity that not all the films match it”
  31. CONFESSIONS OF A TEENAGE DRAMA QUEEN, 5/10 “Average Teen Comedy”
  32. THE DILEMMA, 4/10 “Very poor effort from all”
  33. THE GOOD GIRL, 7/10 “A decent indie comedy drama with an  equally good turn from Jennifer Aniston” 
  34. THE WEDDING PLANNER, 6/10 “Slightly above average Rom-Com with a hankering of the golden age.”
  35. MEN IN BLACK 2, 2002, 5/10 “A poor sequel driven by Will Smith and the once funny but now annoying dog. Has it’s funny moments though”
  36. DIRTY HARRY, 1971, 10/10 “Almost faultless classic cop thriller and the birth of one of cinema’s most iconic characters.”
  37. THE LOST PRINCE (2 Part TV Mini-Series), 2003, 10/10 “Stephen Poliakoff’s insightful and interesting tale of the fated young Prince John at the turn of the 20th Century”
  38. SPIDER-MAN 2, 2004, 8/10 “The best of the trilogy”
  39. EDWARD SCISSORHANDS, 1990, 9/10 “Early Tim Burton as his very best”
  40. HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON, 2010, 9/10 “With it’s strong emotional anchor and real  story over gags, this is surely and animated classic up there with Toy Story and UP”
  41. HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3: SENIOR YEAR (Extended Edition), 2008, 5/10 “Disappointing. The second film is certainly the best, encapsulating the fun which this one lacked.”
  42. POSEIDON, 2006, 7/10 “Well paced adventure which whilst being more exiting that Allen’s 70’s classic, was nothing like as ground breaking” 
  43. BIG, 1988, 7/10 “An 80’s Classic, and a great reminder as to the fact that Tom hanks was a comedic star long before he became the Hanks of today.”
  44. PERCY JACKSON AND THE LIGHTNING THIEF, 6/10 “More exiting than HP, but that’s about it.”
  45. SWEET HOME ALABAMA, 5/10 “Simple, predictable but not a bad chic flick”
  46. DAYLIGHT, 1996, 6/10 “The film which heralded the revival in disaster movies. Still watchable, but has been surpassed with ease…”
  47. GALAXY QUEST, 2000, 8/10 “A brilliant pastiche on Star Trek fandom. Great fun”
  48. HANNAH MONTANA: THE MOVIE, 2008, 6/10 “Not bad film version of the hit TV show. Might take itself a little to seriously though…”
  49. RANSOM, 1996, 7/10 “Seemingly underrated and lost thriller of the late ’90’s. Well, it’s not been forgotten here…”
  50. AMERICAN PIE 2, 2002, 7/10 “Not a bad sequel but on the precipice of a vertical drop in quality…”
  51. AMERICAN PIE, 1999, 8/10 “A witty and fresh teen comedy…”
  52. GONE IN 60 SECONDS, 2/10 “Rubbish! Any review would give this film unjustified Publicity.”
  53. PUBLIC ENEMIES, 2009, 6/10 “Very disappointing, but has it’s moments…
  54. HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL, 5/10 “Not bad, but not the best either.”
  55. MADAGASCAR 2: ESCAPE TO AFRICA, 5/10 “Better than the first but no more”
  56. MADAGASCAR, 4/10 “I don’t get it!”
  57. IMAGINE ME AND YOU, 6/10 “Average and inconsequential Rom-Com”
  58. INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM, 1984, 8/10 “The weakest of the original trilogy, but still on of the great action adventure films of all time”
  59. BRAVEHEART, 1995, 9/10 “Though somewhat inaccurate, well told, performed and directed. I triumph of propaganda cinema”
  60. HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE, 8/10 “Not my favourite, but still one of the better installments.”
  61. HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX, 8/10 “The beginning of the David Yates era and when the franchise picks up both pace and a more unified theme.”

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