• 14/12/12 – THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY (Cinema)  ANTICIPATION LEVEL: 8/10 “The long awaited prequel to The Lord Of The Rings, finally, after much upheaval, being helmed by the only man fro the job, Peter Jackson.”

  • 558922_10151316065090808_546586478_n17/05/13 – STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS (Cinema) ANTICIPATION LEVEL: 8/10 “My views on the first J.J. Abrams reboot are well documented, but I have hopes that this will be X2 to Singers first X-Men, or more to the point, Star Trek II to Star Trek: The Motion Picture.”

  • 154671_10151265659512708_1041496836_n14/06/13 – SUPERMAN: MAN OF STEEL (Cinema)  ANTICIPATION LEVEL: 9/10 “Snyder has mixed form. 300 and Watchman are first rate but films such as Legends Of The Guardians and Sucker Punch don’t appeal. But one thing is for sure. Superman NEEDS a reboot and hopefully Christopher Nolan’s involvement will pay off and Snyder may prove himself to a broader audience.”

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