The seventh episode is out of the can! The seventh instalment of our series of video reviews is up and ready to view at your leisure NOW on YouTube or through nEoFILM right here!   This episode is a review of this years FIRST comic movie, DEADPOOL. https://youtu.be/xhwwaMAYgsI So recap on what we have already stated:… Continue reading nEoFILM ~ EPISODE 7 “DEADPOOL”

10 Candles, 1990's, Action


1997 DIRECTOR: John Woo May Contain Spoilers! John Woo's Hollywood career has not been the most prolific, with more woes that highs, having made his name and continuing to do in the Hong Kong movie scene. Beginning with Broken Arrow in 1996, as well as relaunching John Travolta's career as the maniacal, often villain type, Woo had… Continue reading FACE/OFF

2010's, 3D, 9 Candles, Action

HERCULES (2014) (3D)

2014 DIRECTOR: Brett Ratner NOT A PART OF OUR COLLECTION May Contain Spoilers! Will we be adding this to our collection? YES Brett Ratner: You have finally redeemed yourself for the whole X-Men: The Last Stand fiasco. Hercules, a crass, vulgar and outrageous take on the mythical demigod, taking cues from almost every major action… Continue reading HERCULES (2014) (3D)

1990's, 8 Candles, 9 Candles, Action, Comedy, Drama, Epic, Science Fiction


  1996/1998 (Theatrical Version)(Special Edition) DIRECTOR: Roland Emerich Independence Day to me, was the film which heralded in the days of explosive blockbuster. Where it was not just the case that the world was not safe, and than anything could happen, more of a time when as much a possible needed to happen. Monument after… Continue reading INDEPENDENCE DAY (aka ID4) (SPECIAL EDITION) (1996) – REVIEW