AVATAR 2, 3, 4 & 5 -WHY THE DELAY?

After watching Avatar in 3-D for the first time since theatres in 2009, I began to think about the long delay in the production of the sequels. I remembered how long it took to bring the original to the screen, a decade to be precise, with talk of "developing something new and innovative". It was… Continue reading AVATAR 2, 3, 4 & 5 -WHY THE DELAY?

1950's, 6 Candles, CINERAMA, Documentary, Drama


1955 DIRECTOR: Robert L. Bendick, Philippe De Lacy May Contain Spoilers! Today is the 60th Anniversary of Cinerama Holiday's New York premier, which The Troller's and The Marsh's are "supposed" to have attended during the film's premier... But more on that intriguing twist later... The second of only five "True" Cinerama Travelogues, as well as one… Continue reading CINERAMA HOLIDAY (CINERAMA)

1950's, 7 Candles, CINERAMA, Documentary


1958 DIRECTORS: Carl Dudley, Richard Goldstone, Francis D. Lyon, Walter Thompson & Basil Wrangell May Contain Spoilers! The Orson Welles narrated South Seas Adventure is the fifth and final entry of the three-strip Cinerama Travelogues, though Orson is the not the only voice to appear on this soundtrack, with his credit overshadowing the word of several others. Opening without the customary 1.37:1 segment, originally… Continue reading SOUTH SEAS ADVENTURE (CINERAMA)

1950's, 9 Candles, CINERAMA, Documentary


   1959 DIRECTOR: Unknown May Contain Spoilers! This Cinerama promotional short is, to my knowledge, one of only TWO such shorts that exist and to be photographed in the three-strip process. The second, In The Picture (2012) would be shot in 2012, using a vintage Cinerama camera in honour of the format's 60th Anniversary in September of… Continue reading RENAULT DAUPHINE (SHORT) (CINERAMA)

1990's, 7 Candles


1999 DIRECTOR: Mark Pellington Contains MAJOR Spoilers! Arlington Road is a small time movie which if you blink and you missed it back in 1999, but may come across late one night when nothing else is on. But this offers more than that. This film is attempting to flesh out the persona of those responsible… Continue reading ARLINGTON ROAD

1980's, 7 Candles, Science Fiction


1986 DIRECTOR: John Badham NOT A PART OF MY COLLECTION May Contain Spoilers! Will we be adding this to our collection? NO As a child of the 1980's, Short Circuit seemed to be the biggest thing on the planet at one point. I was collecting stickers for it even though I wouldn't see until the… Continue reading SHORT CIRCUIT

1970's, Article, Star Trek


Whilst watching the 1975 Robert Wise movie, The Hindenburg, it struck me that there were a few design elements which have bled over from one movie to another Wise project, Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979). This interested me, well, the geek within and I felt the need to read up on this and see… Continue reading COMPARISONS IN DESIGN… ENTERPRISE MEETS HINDENBURG

2000's, 7 Candles, Drama


2001 DIRECTOR: Ron Howard May Contain Spoilers! Winner of 4 Oscars in 2002, including Best Picture and Director for Ron Howard, a hit and miss director who when he gets it right, he gets it right with films such as Backdraft (1991) and Apollo 13 (1995), A Beautiful Mind follows the real life journey of… Continue reading A BEAUTIFUL MIND

1990's, 7 Candles, Drama


1996 DIRECTOR: Barry Levinson May Contain Spoilers! When I look back on Sleepers, I can remember a film in which it seemed that everybody was talking about back in 1996. The controversial "story", suggestions that it is true are in dispute, of four boys who accidentally maimed a man after they stole and hotdog cart… Continue reading SLEEPERS

1970's, 8 Candles


1979 DIRECTOR: James Bridges May Contain Spoilers! Enjoying the dubious luxury of being released just weeks before the Three-Mile Island nuclear disaster in 1979, The China Syndrome is a small movie about a big subject. Produced by a young Michael Douglas, this is a movie which looks at the nuclear industry, the pros, the cons… Continue reading THE CHINA SYNDROME