2010's, Action, James Cameron, Science Fiction, Thriller


2019 DIRECTOR: Tim Miller 70/100 A lot has been said about this film and indeed, the franchise's return as a whole. Following on from the soft, in more ways than one, reboot that was Terminator: Genisys back in 2015, this is one of those sequels which are really starting to piss me off! Not a… Continue reading TERMINATOR: DARK FATE (2019) – ANALYSIS & REVIEW

1970's, 2000's, Horror, Ridley Scott, Science Fiction


1979/2003 DIRECTOR: Ridley Scott 80/100 Alien is Ridley Scott's first major hit after The Duelists (1977), and one which probably more of a impact if we are honest. This arogorical take on the haunted house set in space where "no-one can hear you scream", the former advert director, probably best known for his Hovis ad… Continue reading ALIEN: DIRECTOR’S CUT (1979/2003) – QUICK REVIEW

1970's, 5 Candles, Drama, Epic, Historical, Romance


1979 ORIGINAL UNCUT VERSION DIRECTORS: Tinto Brass (Principle) & Bob Guccione & Glo Luiiancar (Additional Footage) May contain spoilers! I was left literally speechless after watching this. What is it? Is it a porn film? Is it a period drama? Is it an art house extravaganza? Well, for certain, it is the one of the most obscene… Continue reading CALIGULA (1979) – REVIEW

2000's, 6 Candles


2006 DIRECTOR: Wolfgang Peterson May Contains Spoilers! Wolfgang Peterson is a strange one. He made his name with the World War 2 drama Das Boot in 1981 and has gone on to make a wide selection of movies, as diverse as The Never-Ending Story to The Perfect Storm (2000). He also has a knack for creating… Continue reading POSEIDON