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1926 DIRECTOR: Albert Parker Two Tone Technicolor in all its glory! This is it. The first widely distributed Technicolor movie back before we even had sound. This was hardly the first foray into colour, in fact colour almost goes as far back as film itself, as does sound, but it was not until the mid-1920's… Continue reading THE BLACK PIRATE (1926) – REVIEW

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2016 DIRECTOR: Roland Emmerich Twenty years have past since the alien invaders destroyed The White House and one of cinema's most outstanding and timeless special effects was premiered to the world. Two decades have also passed since we, the cinema going public, were exposed to Roland Emmerich's disaster movie meets alien invasion masterpiece. And for… Continue reading INDEPENDENCE DAY: RESURGENCE (3D)

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This is a post that will reach a more limited audience than usual, since a lot of my readers are from other side of the Atlantic,¬†but one which would mean more to those who have lived in Manchester, U.K. in late 1990's. But Does anybody actually remember Laser 2000? Laser 2000 was a Laserdisc, AV… Continue reading DOES ANYBODY REMEMBER LASER 2000…?

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  1996/1998 (Theatrical Version)(Special Edition) DIRECTOR: Roland Emerich Independence Day to me, was the film which heralded in the days of explosive blockbuster. Where it was not just the case that the world was not safe, and than anything could happen, more of a time when as much a possible needed to happen. Monument after… Continue reading INDEPENDENCE DAY (aka ID4) (SPECIAL EDITION) (1996) – REVIEW