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Somewhat misleading image, which is Not from the film... 2017 DIRECTOR: Steven Spielberg 75/100 The gentle pacing of this look at the release of not only the Pentagon Papers, but the reaffirment of press freedom in the United States under Nixon's dubious leadership, is typical of what we have come to expect from Steven Spielberg… Continue reading THE POST (2017) – REVIEW

1990's, 2000's, 9 Candles, Drama, Historical


1995 - Theatrical Cut 1995/2008 - Expanded Version DIRECTOR: Oliver Stone May contain spoilers! When I first watched this film on VHS back in early 1996, I was nothing short of disappointed. Already being a huge fan of Stones work with JFK (1991), Born On The Fourth Of July (1989) and Platoon (1986), I was… Continue reading NIXON