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2015 DIRECTOR: Neill Blomkamp 75/100 Robocop meets Short Circuit, Chappie is Neill Blomkamp's follow up to District 9 (2010) and Elysium (2012). Both of which have starred Sharlto Copley. Here, he voices Chappie, a defunct police robot which has been programmed with a new A.I. system. But soon, falls into the hands of some punk-ass… Continue reading CHAPPiE (2015) – REVIEW

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1997 DIRECTOR: John Woo May Contain Spoilers! John Woo's Hollywood career has not been the most prolific, with more woes that highs, having made his name and continuing to do in the Hong Kong movie scene. Beginning with Broken Arrow in 1996, as well as relaunching John Travolta's career as the maniacal, often villain type, Woo had… Continue reading FACE/OFF

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ROBOCOP (2013)

2013 DIRECTOR: José Padilha Contains Spoilers It's 1987: The action genre is dominated with R or 18 rated movies, often starring Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sly Stalone and kids wanted and expected nothing less than to see these action packed movies, even though they were violent and littered with sexual references. And our parents didn't seem to be… Continue reading ROBOCOP (2013)