2002 DIRECTORS: James Hanlon, Gédéon Naudet & Jules Naudet 9|11 was first aired on the 1st Anniversary of the attacks in September 2001, but by now, the 14th Anniversary of the world-changing event, 9|11 has lost some of its poignancy but not much. After so many more detailed accounts, following the jumpers, the heroic emergency services and the … Continue reading 9|11 (TV DOCUMENTARY)

UNITED 93 (2006) – REVIEW

2006 DIRECTOR: Paul Greengrass This is simply an incredible movie. Certainly one of the most moving and intense that I have seen in many years. Now, seventeen years on, this film's poignancy is still as relevant today as it ever was. Casting relative unknowns was the key to this frightening realistic portrayal of the world shattering events of September 11. … Continue reading UNITED 93 (2006) – REVIEW